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Meet the guide on your personal journey to mastering and harnessing fear: Brian Muka lived his dream as a Navy Bomb Tech and Platoon Commander. This meant jumping out of airplanes, fast roping and rappelling out of helicopters and that was just the commute to work make bomb and Improvised explosive devices safe. He has one of the most extraordinary personal stories experiencing fear and learned how to harness it. How can fear be used to our advantage and make our senses sharper in the moment is just the first part of his journey.


The second remarkable part of his journey was addressing long term fears. He felt like an imposter in Navy Special Operations and wrestled with the fear of being discovered a fake. This fear stole what he thought was his dream job. He was fired from his platoon and crushed by what felt like an avalanche. In deciding to help others through their difficult times, like he had, Fear Sherpa was born.


Through spending time with this scarring experience, Brian began documenting his journey back to the land of the living, writing his book, discovering through this process that there is a teachable path through even the biggest setbacks, that you too can learn. He learned how fear is the gatekeeper for true freedom, joy and exhilaration.  He also learned from what he thought was his greatest failure and secret transforming this into his life’s work, which is how Fear Sherpa became his new life mission leading many through the journey of improving their personal relationships with Fear.