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About Fear Sherpa

All of us have a relationship with our friend fear. Few actively work on this important relationship. Most have never actively worked on this vital relationship.  Join our tribe and intentionally develop mastery of our friend, Fear. We believe that by first understanding our fears, then learning to respect them and ourselves, we embark on our path to mastering this powerful force.  Learn to harness this powerful and usually untapped strength in yourself to rise to your greatest self.


In this coaching path you will:

  1. Begin: Start your understanding of your fears, how they show up and what your default and mostly automatic response to fear is.

  2. Understand: Write your very own Emergency Procedure before you need it for your most common fears.  

  3. Dream: What do you really want?  How do you want to command your life and paint the vivid picture of your life when you actually master your fears.  

  4. Wedge: Develop your own space between the fear showing up and your carefully chosen response.  Widen this space of freedom.  

  5. Courage: Develop your own courage practice to train and prepare for life’s tests.

  6. Thrive: Use your mastery to find the edges of your fear, define them, and shrink them to manageable pieces.  Live the “Fear is the Friend of the exceptional!” lifestyle.

Group Coaching

Become part of our tribe during our group adventure excursions.  Learn the tools and the practices that our Sherpas use to harness their own fears to help you with yours.  

You will learn:

  1. How fear can be a good thing, as a coach, north star, and life saver.  

  2. Name your fear, and create some space between the thought of fear.

  3. Transmutation of fear and anxiety into excitement and ultimately bliss,exhilaration and a flow state.

  4. Learn about the wedge, and create your own space between fear and your reaction

  5. Write your own Emergency Procedure when you are calm to help with your most common fears.  

  6. Explore the edges of your fears and define what they actually are.  Then we take steps to honors these fears and use them as insights to mitigate the risks that fear gifts to us.

  7. Develop a personal courage practice through use of the breath, changing your language, sharing your fears with our tribe, writing to understand our fears, and doing scary, but safe actions to gain mastery.  Find your daily skydive.  Do something that scares you everyday.  

  8. Start on your path to mastery where you will learn to be the calmest person in any emergency and therefore gain insights the untrained simply cannot see.  Practice your new found calm and see options that fear prevented you from seeing.  Begin to enjoy the exhilaration that exists on the other side of fear.   


Custom Coaching

We build custom training programs for you and your team.  We believe that building your courage muscle as a team, will result in exponential growth and performance in your high performers.  We can transmute their fears in fuel for even better performances.  Image your business and life with fear as your very own superpower.  We want to be your guide on this important transformation.  Please contact our staff to begin building your custom training program.